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  • Already one of the world’s most prominent destinations for travel, İstanbul showcases its extraordinary arts and culture, gastronomy, and shopping experiences in three promotional films. “Taste in İstanbul is the New Cool”, “Shopping in İstanbul is the New Cool” and “Art in İstanbul is the New Cool” focus on the city’s exceptional offerings. Highlighting the dynamic multifaceted structure of this 24-hour city, the videos address all ages, tastes, and budgets.

    In 2021, İstanbul was voted one of the world’s best cities in reader surveys from a variety of leading publications; in fact, İstanbul is consistently ranked among the top destinations in surveys and ‘best lists’ published in international media. In three new commercials focusing on art, cuisine, and shopping in the metropolis, İstanbul is introduced to an even wider range of audiences.

    Titled “Taste in İstanbul is the New Cool”, “Shopping in İstanbul is the New Cool” and “Art in İstanbul is the New Cool”, the commercials spotlight this vibrant and diverse city as a popular destination that presents a wide variety of experiences for both short- and long-term visitors. The commercials will be broadcast on TV and on digital channels in 178 countries.

    Art in İstanbul is the New Cool: A Rich History, Numerous Arts and Culture Events

    Presenting visitors with different adventures in almost every district, İstanbul is a treasure trove of historical structures – a legacy of the city’s storied past – and ever-expanding art and culture scene. “Art in İstanbul is the New Cool” is dedicated to the city’s unique history, referencing the Hagia Sophia, considered ‘the Eighth Wonder of the World’. The film also spotlights the Atatürk Cultural Center, reopened last year with a renewed structure, along with modern and contemporary art museums such as the İstanbul Modern and Santral İstanbul. In addition, the ‘city that never sleeps’ features an extensive year-round calendar of arts and culture events such as the Contemporary İstanbul art fair and the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival.

    Taste in İstanbul is the New Cool: Different Flavours on Every Street

    The food of İstanbul has always been highly acclaimed. Influenced by the many civilizations that have shaped this city, İstanbul’s cuisine is a wonderful reason to explore the city. “Taste in İstanbul is the New Cool” spotlights the diverse gastronomic traditions of this city at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The film opens with the traditional Turkish breakfast and Turkish tea in tulip-shaped cups served in restaurants and popular cafes, some with views of the Maiden’s Tower. Moving towards dinner, delectable mezes are presented in restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus. The film also highlights desserts such as the world-famous baklava and güllaç, a traditional Turkish dessert prepared with corn starch, rose water, milk and sugar, along with Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. Tasty dishes like köfte (meatballs), kebab and döner are shown, as are street vendors selling simit – a popular Turkish bread. The city’s countless fine dining establishments and international cuisine options are also featured, leaving no doubt that İstanbul promises a memorable culinary experience.

    Shopping in İstanbul is the New Cool: The Global Center of Shopping is İstanbul

    As Türkiye’s largest and most developed city, İstanbul stands out with extensive shopping options ranging from historical bazaars to concept stores to sophisticated boutiques. The Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest indoor shopping centres, offers visitors the opportunity to bring home authentic memories: handwoven carpets, hand-painted ceramic tiles, traditional tea sets and other interesting souvenirs.  Boutiques specializing in Turkish designers invite fashionistas to add one-of-a-kind pieces to their wardrobes, while international and world-renowned brands abound in Taksim and Nişantaşı, two of the city’s liveliest shopping districts. In addition, there are expansive shopping and entertainment complexes throughout the city.